Crisis Study

As I've been quite active on the social media this week, to recruit (social) psychological researchers for a study about (responses to) the replicability discussion/crisis in psychology, I thought it would make sense to write a little bit about it here as well. There are, after all, a few questions that keep coming up, like... Read more about Crisis Study

Moral of the Story: Books About War

I’ve been reading a lot of books about war lately. And even the ones that haven’t been about war, have still included death. It’s been pretty gloomy, but I’ll try not to bring the mood down too low in this post!

I just wanted to highlight two books, and an interesting difference/similarity I observed between them.

1. For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway. Read more about Moral of the Story: Books About War

Moral of the Story: Ender's Game

A couple of weeks ago I sent a photo to a friend, documenting the various components of my evening activities – I was curling up with a good book, cheese and crackers, and some tasty local(ish) beer. She wrote back (and I paraphrase), “you’re reading that??” Read more about Moral of the Story: Ender's Game

Normal, natural, necessary, nice

It’s totally normal to spend time on blogging; all the academics are doing it these days!

Besides, it’s only natural to want to share the fruits of one’s labour with the broader community.

Not to mention that in this day and age, it’s becoming more and more necessary for academics to show that they can communicate outside of the ivory tower as well.

In fact, I just think it’s really nice to blog, that’s why I do it!

--- Read more about Normal, natural, necessary, nice

Judging Passions by Roger Giner-Sorolla

Melbourne Moral Psychology Lab recommends a recently published book about moral emotions by Prof Roger Giner-Sorolla of the University of Kent.

Abstract Read more about Judging Passions by Roger Giner-Sorolla

Harm & Other/Purity & Self

Harming Ourselves and Defiling Others

Chakroff, A., Dungan, J., & Young, L. (2013). Harming ourselves and defiling others: what determines a moral domain?. PloS one, 8(9), e74434. Read more about Harm & Other/Purity & Self

Moral Tribes by Joshua Greene

Need a recommendation for a good book about moral psychology? Check out Joshua Greene’s Moral Tribes.

This book covers emotions versus reason, group morality versus individual morality, political ideation or liberal and conservative morality, and moral philosophy as well.

Joshua Greene has included many interesting empirical studies and some thought provoking theories to engage all readers, not just academics.

Have you read any good books lately? Read more about Moral Tribes by Joshua Greene

Moral of the Story: Terrorism and Virtue Ethics

I am currently in Oslo, Norway, visiting the Norwegian side of my family. It’s lovely; pretty, friendly, sunny, suddenly stormy; everything you’d expect from a Scandinavian summer, in other words. But, of course, you’re not here to read about the weather. Instead, in this post, I thought I would review The Defender: the book written by Anders Behring Breivik’s defense council. Read more about Moral of the Story: Terrorism and Virtue Ethics

Morality and Disgust

I recently attended the 17th annual European Association of Social Psychology Conference in Amsterdam. I listened to so many great symposiums, but one in particular has stayed in my mind. It was titled: Does moral disgust really respond to harm and unfairness? Perspectives and resolutions. This symposium featured many leading academics in the area of disgust and morality, including Roger Giner-Sorolla, Pascale Sophie Russell, Hanah Chapman, Joshua M. Tybur, and Jason Clark. Read more about Morality and Disgust

Racist Travellers?

As I opened the blog's dashboard to start writing this post, I tweeted my apologies for being late, and included the good old aphorism “better late than never”. Read more about Racist Travellers?