A Dangerous Idea

On Monday 1 October, Dr Simon Laham was on Q & A on ABC tv. Read more about A Dangerous Idea


1. Last week I went to the movies and saw Hope Springs. It features Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones as a married ageing couple who visit a sex therapist (Steve Carell), and I recommend it only if you don’t mind cringing. A lot. At one point in the movie, the therapist is seeing the wife on her own, and he says to her “This will help with your anxiety” while jotting something down on a piece of paper. Read more about Narration

Heros and Victims

Last week at the MMPL meeting I presented a paper called To Escape Blame, Don’t be a Hero – Be a Victim (pdf) by Gray and Wegner (2011). The first paragraph summarizes the central question really well: Read more about Heros and Victims

The Olympics

My last posts have used the analogy of food and kitchens, to (rather tenuously) lead the way into a summary of the kind of things the MMPL discusses, in our weekly meetings on the 6th floor of the Redmond Barry building at The University of Melbourne. (Find us here !) Read more about The Olympics

Let Me Introduce You To

Now that you’re acquainted with the metaphor of blogs are kitchens (related to the metaphor ideas are food [p.470], no doubt), let me continue to expand on that idea…

This website was set up for the Melbourne Moral Psychology Lab in the last month, but the lab itself has been around since last year. We’re a group of students and staff – find us all on the People Page! - who meet once a week to discuss research in moral psychology (and related fields). Some of us also have our own kitchens. Read more about Let Me Introduce You To


I read somewhere recently that if a webpage is a living room, then a blog is a kitchen. I've been struggling a bit with how to write for this (new!) blog, but something about this idea set the cogs turning in my mind. Read more about Welcome

What's in a name?

Recent work from our lab has shown that people with easy to pronounce names tend to be better liked and may also be more successful in the workplace. Sam Sommers (author of Situations Matter) blogged about this research in a July piece for the Huffington Post Read more about What's in a name?