Moral Emotions

Morality and Disgust

I recently attended the 17th annual European Association of Social Psychology Conference in Amsterdam. I listened to so many great symposiums, but one in particular has stayed in my mind. It was titled: Does moral disgust really respond to harm and unfairness? Perspectives and resolutions. This symposium featured many leading academics in the area of disgust and morality, including Roger Giner-Sorolla, Pascale Sophie Russell, Hanah Chapman, Joshua M. Tybur, and Jason Clark. Read more about Morality and Disgust

From the Archives: Disgust

About the MMPL Journal Club earlier in the year; first published on my personal blog


I rode my bike to the station this morning, and when I parked it behind the supermarket there was a bad bad smell coming from the dumpsters.

Now it's raining, and I'm not looking forward to the ride back home. Read more about From the Archives: Disgust

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