Moral of the Story: Terrorism and Virtue Ethics

I am currently in Oslo, Norway, visiting the Norwegian side of my family. It’s lovely; pretty, friendly, sunny, suddenly stormy; everything you’d expect from a Scandinavian summer, in other words. But, of course, you’re not here to read about the weather. Instead, in this post, I thought I would review The Defender: the book written by Anders Behring Breivik’s defense council. Read more about Moral of the Story: Terrorism and Virtue Ethics

Conscience and Condemnation

Last month @mrphuff tweeted me an article about the “Mysteries of Morality”, by DeScioli and Kurzban from 2009. I was glad of the reminder, because it’s a review article I read at the beginning of my PhD (a long time ago!), but which it was definitely worth coming back to now that I’ve spent a couple of years reading about morality. Read more about Conscience and Condemnation


Did you know, the Astor in St Kilda screens a double feature on Wednesdays for only $10? That’s worth crossing the river for!

Ahem. That little only-Melbourne-relevant plug aside, this post is about one of the movies I saw there recently: Antiviral. (The second movie was Byzantium, which I also recommend – but only if you’ve already seen the superior Let the Right One In.) Read more about Antiviral

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